Software for the study of baropodometry, stabilometry, posture and biomechanics. It is developed for 32/64 bit Windows environment and  is the result of many years of research and studies.

Static, dynamic and stabilometric analysis;

Data acquisition from: platforms, treadmills, sensorized insoles, 2D-3D scanners;

Morphological videography and video motion analysis;

Up to 4 digital HR cameras;

Statistics engine for analysis and patients;

Automatic connection to our EasyCAD software  for the 3D design of orthotics;

Available in 5 different software configurations:


Software for designing and manufacturing computerised foot orthoses.

Tested to run with many baropodometric platforms and equipped with a CAM (Computer Aided Machine) module, to export CAD projects to any CNC machine.

Direct management of the CADCAM CNC machine;

User-friendly and easy to use 3D modelling interface;

Real time rendering;

9 preset design (last) templates;

Object library with full editing capability;

Freehand drawing and fast design tools;

Automatic correction of minimum and maximum thickness;

Ability to create your own templates and favourite models;

Ability to add your own custom shapes for reuse.