FlexInFit is the evolution in the biomechanical and postural analysis, to date tied to the almost exclusive use of baropodometric platforms. With more than four hundred sensors, the system allows precision analyses inside the patient's shoe, with realtime data visualisation and recording of data flow up to four hours.

FlexInFit is a versatile tool, making life easier for many professionals: from the foot specialist who wants to integrate their gait analysis system; to the physiotherapist who wants to check the real development of a therapy. From the sports coach or biokineticist interested in the study and improvement of human movement; to the physician interested in checking out the real pressure points to prevent the creation of ulcers in diabetic patients. Furthermore, the pressure data output from FlexInFit can be used in the design of EasyCAD's digital orthotic insoles, and can be useful in checking the effectiveness of an orthotic prescription.

The device is totally wireless and junction box free, which would otherwise interfere with the natural gait movement. It communicates with FreeSTEP, Sensor Medica's leading biomechanical and postural analysis software.


     •     Bluetooth data transmission up to 100 metres in free field conditions;

     •     Or capture off-line via MicroSD card, resulting in zero restriction on range of use.

     •     Li-Po batteries, rechargeable via USB

     •     Battery life up to 4 hours

     •     Sampling frequency in real time from 25 to 50 Hz

     •     Automatic identification of size

     •     Auto shut-off in the absence of captured data


     •     Resistive sensors

     •     214 sensors per insole

     •     Measurement scale: 0-100N/cm2

     •     Sensitivity: 0.1N/cm2

     •     10 Bit resolution


     •     Thickness 0,3mm

     •     Material: polyester

     •     Flexible and can be cut to shape

     •     Available from size 35 to 48 (EU)

Sensorized System for the Evaluation of Foot Pressure Inside the Shoe