Resistive Sensor platforms used to detect the patient’s foot pressure during standing and walking. Can add Video (up to 4 HD Web Cameras) to capture the patient’s body position whilst utilising the platform. The acquired data is processed in FreeStep which allows for detailed patient evaluation.

Sampling frequency: over 400Hz in real time;

USB 2.0 connection;

Wi-Fi optional module with rechargeable batteries;

6 different sizes (cm) :

40x40 – 60x50 – 120x50 – 180x50 – 240x50 - 300x50

Plus - RunTime Treadmill

Models and Specifications:

The RunTime treadmill allows highly accurate postural analysis, by calculating the plantar pressures during walking and running.

In combination with freeStep Pro, the RunTime treadmill belongs to the next generation of integrated instruments for postural evaluation and biomechanical analysis.

Resistive sensors, conductive rubber;

Repeatability and reliability;

Sampling frequency up to 200Hz in real time;

USB interface;

High performance in combination with FreeSTEP Software;

Footwork area: 120X40 cm;

Speed: 0,8-18 Km/h;

Inclination: 0-12%;

Max load: 130 Kg;

mOOver 3D inertial motion sensor

mOOver is a miniaturized sensor able to evaluate and measure your motions, accelerations and revolutions.

It's application in the scientific sphere allows the goniometric evaluation (range of movement) of all the articulations.

These measurements are very important either for prevention or rehabilitation. One can study  mobility in the early stages post-injury and subsequently monitor the improvements during the therapy, comparing different examinations with the normative values, or the patient's own history.

Moover evaluates cervical mobility; all goniometric articulations; rotations and pelvic tilting during walking and running, simultaneously analyzing the swinging of head and trunk in comparison to the body barycenter (acquired with stabilometric platforms). All of which makes it ultra versatile with great repeatability.

Moover is small, light, wireless, extremely precise and equipped with a long life battery.

The software is easy to use, converting the mechanical movements into an electrical signal. It then produces an automatic test report, as well as comparisons against the normative data values.

Baropodometric Footboards

Baropodometric Footboards